[WATCH] Accountability: Barry’s $8 Million Marketing Mistake

[WATCH] Accountability: Barry’s $8 Million Marketing Mistake

Once upon a time, Barry was a marketing newbie who almost threw in the towel before making a dime.

Having come from a career as a teacher, Barry almost went bankrupt after an academic program he developed with his own money failed to secure additional funding.

Out of desperation, Barry turned to Internet marketing, seduced by promises of riches (and fast!) with very little work or background.

Then reality hit: Barry needed a real foundation in marketing if he was going to make it.

He got an investor to support his efforts, went to a very reputable marketing mastermind and had 12-months to start making money with “this marketing thing.”

Month after month, Barry made mistakes and brought in ZERO profit.

Things looked bleak by the end of that first year, and his investor told him flat out that Barry had to show him something or have his funding cut off…

What did he do to turn things around and become the 8-figure marketer he is today?

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